Birthday Battles

Today was my one-week anniversary.  I should get a chip or something, like they do in A.A.

Today’s big battle, was birthdays.

My sister’s birthday was yesterday and we’re all going out as a family tomorrow night.  So I call her to find out what the plans are… she doesn’t know.

In addition to being diabetic, I’m also Catholic.  And we’re in Lent, which means no meat on Fridays.

My family and I talked about it, and they think I should throw out the “no meat” thing and just find something I can eat.  They say getting the diabetes under control is step one.  I think God would agree.

But for the rest of my family, no meat on Friday.  So my sister is trying to find a place that is good for no meat, good for me, and good for her nearly 6-year-old and nearly 2-year-old daughters.

So she calls me….

Honestly, I’m still trying to figure out what my own deal is, how am I supposed to help someone else plan their birthday dinner?

I love my sister and she’s definitely part of my big support group.  I think that’s the one thing that is going to help me survive this… the people who love me.

I try to tell my sister – pick whatever you want.  I figure if I know early enough, I can pick SOMETHING.  If the meal looks like it’s gonna be more than I should be having, I’ll plan my meals around it – so it’s not AS bad.

I think we’re gonna end up at Ruby Tuesdays or something like that.  Should be fine, they have a salad bar.  Maybe I’ll get that.

BTW – I start taking two pills a day tomorrow.  I’m hoping it won’t be long before we start decreasing the pills!

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